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Ann MacGillivray
Product Design with Marketing BA (Hons)

Freelance Consultancy – Conceptual Product Design with Marketing and Associated Business Skills.


What service can I be to you?

There are many skills that back up my knowledge having lived and worked in rural environments as well as in big business in London. With other associated experience across different sectors.

  • I am an ideas person. I can take the various elements necessary to create a concept.
  • I have the ability to analyse an issue and propose and affect a solution.
  • I have the ability to take the many elements of a concept and from these create a tangible form.
  • I can then create a model and identify and construct a pathway forward to market.
  • I believe that our economic success should be measured by the product/service that we produce as output being more than we consume as input. It is the return gained above the value of the product when all production and management of its costs have been fairly met that creates the profit/benefit to the producer.
  • Business is the management of a product/service and as such should ideally only be a part of the whole.

In other words I have good ideas and can design Products/Services and know how to identify their market and then market them along with the systems that enable you to do this;
Is that useful to you?
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Work History

2006 Present Self-Employed - Freelance
Sole Proprietor - Business Owner -
Working Freelance selling my skills to different businesses
and Individuals.

October 2015 to present

Supporting a very elderly lady with Vascular Dementia
Working as a live in Personal Assistant my role included personal care and supporting her with knitting and general companionship. Preparing a nutritious and healthy home cooked range of foods to suit her palate. Some waking nights were required to prevent potential falls and support with indicators to re-enforce her short term memory capabilities. Support with social activities. Some light housework was required.

April 2015 to October 2015

Supporting a Young Lady with Cerebral Palsy
Working as a live in Personal Assistant to a young lady with Cerebral Palsy, my role included personal care and supporting to various activities and day centres. Preparing a healthy and nutritious range of meals. Driving a mobility vehicle for a power chair and loading and unloading this. Supporting her with companionship and developing her confidence. Shopping, escorting her to various social events and general light housework tasks.

Dec 2014 to April 2015

Photography - File Management
I was at volunteer at Jamie's Computers, photographing their products to enable the formation of a database of their stock for resale to the public. I photographed each product with a product description, I took one photograph from each different angle so that customers may view the products prior to visiting to make their purchase. I built up an extensive stock library of each of their products for future resale. This established a long term resource file for future use. Jamie's Computers, Unit 32, Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate, Southampton SO14

2012 to December 2014

Southampton Community
A member of a Southampton Society requested support with the photography of a History Week in conjunction with Southampton City. Photographs were subsequently shared with relevant organisations as a goodwill gesture with participating organisations.

I was working on developing my business and online shop

2009 - 2012 SeeAbility Meadowbank

Personal Assistant/Support Worker and Sighted Guide for disabled people with a visual Impairment
Working for a well known charity for the blind as a "sighted guide" within a supported living environment. My role was to support people with different disabilities with personal care , shopping, administration and accessing the local community and social activities. My role involved introduction and support with understanding new activities. Driving to various destinations and support with family.

2006 - 2009

A local baker
I supported the set up of the branding for a local baker to promote a specially grown grain via an established channel to make various products. Products from the bakery were photographed and described for inclusion and wholesale selection by order form on a commissioned website. The content of the website was sourced, researched, photographed and written by me.

A Select Letting Agency
I supported the marketing of a short term letting agency. I had a brief to promote a bespoke service. By identifying and analysing the existing client base and researching any potential new business client opportunities. I created spreadsheets that reservation staff could use to target and record these new client opportunities. A comprehensive photographic file of each property and its features was created for window display, brochures and the web along with a written description and inventory of equipment supplied. This was supported initially economically with backend changes to the website in the first instance with an enquiry form.
Once completed reservations staff could identify individual client’s requirements and send property images and details of location, directions, transport, local amenities etc, to suit client’s individual needs. A comprehensive spreadsheet was created that identified the potential business to business partner relationships that could be nurtured for mutual benefit.
A comprehensive spreadsheet was also created for the housekeeper to enable a record to be kept of all equipment within each dwelling.
All of these components were later incorporated into an overall Customer Management System when the company was later viable enough to purchase it. These various components were tailored to work with online letting agencies.

Supporting a man with a disability into a new occupation
A man with Cerebral Palsy needed support to attend a final interview for a position in a Government Department. The support required was with written communication for assessment as a statistical researcher. This individual was subsequently selected for this position and I was then requested to support him into this role. The support required was with the introduction to a bespoke computer system, support with the ergonomics of the work station, support with communication and note taking, support with accessing and complying with information required for induction, support with written descriptions for accessing contracted support staff with skills relevant to this individuals role within this department.

A local sweet shop wished to promote its existence to an online customer base.
I supported the owner with an introduction to this and identified a suitable strategic plan to enable the owner to create a pathway to achieve this.

A local woman who had never used a computer required individual tuition on a specific web task.
I supported her in the selection of a suitable computer and economical means of accessing the internet. Introducing her then to opening and saving files, performing searches via various search engines, identifying relevant links and saving these, form filling and completing financial transactions. Opening an email account and sending and receiving emails.

An artist’s venue required a recording method to link artists with artwork and other relevant information.
I designed a bespoke spreadsheet that enabled this to be achieved.

A local artist wished to sell her original water colours of “Historic Southampton”
I photographed these prior to sale at her request. I pointed out to her that if she were to sell the images as different products she could keep her originals and create a micro – business to create an income stream. I supported her to identify her retail points and strategy to reach them. The original marketing went “viral” via social media. The artist is now running this successful business enterprise selling her own products.

2006 - 2006 D.A.I.N (Disability Advice and Information Network)

Personal Assistant on a Short term contract to a Disabled Lady.
Transferring a paper run administration system onto a computerised system that enabled her to work independently. By supplying information and advice to individuals with a Disability.

2004 - 2006 - Janitorial Supplies Company

Administration and Sage Accounting

Using Sage Accounting Software, entering Sales orders and following through to invoicing with Purchase Ledger. Customer service both on the telephone and face to face.

Personal Assistant

2002-2004 Worked as a PA to a visually impaired man as a non-contact guide and driver. I spent considerable time working with people who had different disabilities, empowering them with support to achieve their potential through personal development courses. I personally believe that every person has a value with their contribution to society.

1999 - 2002 Marketing Co-ordinator at an Information storage and retrieval company

I worked as a marketing co-ordinator which led me to design and manage a communication and information database for the purpose of sales and marketing among other things to improve and manage product change within the business. The product change was to advance information storage from Microfilm to CD. This role was with both B2B and B2C markets which incorporated the design of company graphics, liverysales and promotional literature. My role included customer liaison, identifying customer trends, placing advertisements and organising mail shots.

1992 - 1999 Studied Art and Design at Southampton Technical College (Now City College) Studied Product Design with Marketing at Southampton Institute (Now Solent University).

1982 - 1991 Self Employed Driving Instructor

1978 - 1982 Inspector in Casinos Playboy Club London and Club Tiberius Southampton.

1975 - 1978 Cook Supervisor at La Sainte Union - Teacher Training College

1973 -1974 Manageress of a Sea Front Hotel in Weymouth, Dorset.

1973 Stable Groom at Forest Edge Riding School, Ower

1972 - 1973 Barmaid and later I trained as a croupier at the Silhouette Club in Southampton

1969 - 1972 Stable Groom at Ironshill Lodge and Forest Park Hotel, worked as Second Chef and als the riding school later working in other stable yards on Dartmoor Devon.

1968 - 1969 Farm Labourer at Jackson's Farm West End, Southampton.

Qualifications and Certificates

Type – Post Graduate
Degree BA (Hons) Product Design with Marketing.

Components Studied;
Design Projects; (concept and context, project management, product analysis, project planning, ergonomics, application, practice, prototypes, model making)
Design Methodology; (analysis, research plan, research, synthesis, creativity, communication, production, and evaluation)
Managing Design; (project management, manufacturing processes, materials)
Marketing; (consumer research, communication. market research, product evaluation, product research, product placement)
Marketing Plans; (4P’s, P.E.S.T analysis, natural, demographic, S.W.O.T. analysis, promotional research, report writing).
Business Studies; (business planning, structures, development, costing, projected forecasts, distribution methods along with logistics and storage)
Visual Research; 3 Dimensional Representation.
Promotion (exhibitions and presentations, design presentation, design projects marketing, communication, professional presentation)
Professional contexts – Specialisations

Waste Management - Why Recycle? – Dissertation
Tactile Aids for the Visually Impaired (texture in relation to touch, commercial, cultural and technical.)
I have considerable experience of the other senses in relation to Visual Impairment.
Representatives from the “Audi Foundation” expressed an interest in supporting the development of my work for use in situations where users cannot look

Education - Continued
Type – College
Level - Access to Higher Education – Art and Design

Components Studied

  • 3 Dimensional Representation (Distinction)
  • 2 Dimensional Representation
  • Painting
  • Surface Decoration
  • Textiles
  • Art History
  • Fine Art
  • Media Studies (Distinction)
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Visual studies
  • Information Technology.
  • Mathematics GCSE – English GCSE

My principle interest was in the internal and external structures of organic forms and their relationship within their environment.
I specialised in Colour and Colour Composition.

I achieved a Pass or higher in all subjects.

Professional Qualifications

BA (Hons) Product Design with Marketing – June 1998
Art and Design – Access to Higher Education
GCSE – Mathematics C - September 2009
GCSE - English B - September 1993
Dept of Transport Approved Driving Instructor – Licence May1980 - Lapsed
Institute of Advanced Motorists Certificate - Lapsed
HCC Cycling Proficiency Instructor – May 1989 - Lapsed
European Computer Driving Licence – August 2004
National Open College Network – Consumer Audit Skills – September 2003
National Open College Network – Drug Use in the Community – May 2008
OCR Book Keeping – February 2007
OCR Purchasing Sales and Purchase Ledger – April 2007
OCR Certificate in Accounting – July 2007
OCR Process Nominal Ledger – July 2007
OCR Book Keeping Computerised – May 2008
OCR Maintaining Petty Cash – February 2008
OCR Posting to Accounts – May 2008
OCR Maintain Day Books, prepare ledger balances and extract a trial           balance. – August 2008
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – Food Safety in Catering – October 2009
Emergency First Aid at Work – May 2010
Moving and Handling Certificate – April 2010


Current DBS - Update Service
First Aid at Work - St John's Ambulance May 2016
Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering - CPD Certified May 2016
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - CPD Certified May 2016
Medication Management - March 2016
First Aid Awareness with CPR - March 2016
Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberties and Consent Awareness - March 2016
Dementia Awareness - March 2016
Safeguarding/ Abuse Awareness - March 2016
Care of the Dying Patient/ End of Life Care Awareness - March 2016 Moving and Handling of Clients - March 2016
Introduction to some Neurological Conditions - March 2016
Diabetes - Type 1&2 (Diabetes Mellitus) - March 2016
Infection Control Awareness - March 2016
Disability Equality and Human Rights – June 2010
Person Centred Thinking – June 2010
Promoting Equality and Valuing Diversity – April 2010
Introduction to Learning Disabilities – April 2010
Safeguarding Adults – April 2010
Epilepsy Awareness – May 2010
Visual Impairment Part 1 – April 2010
Health and Safety Risk Assessment – April 2010
Safe Handling of Medicines – April 2010
Infection Control Training – May 2010
First Aid – April 2010

Skills and Knowledge

The Earth - The Environment – The Countryside – Animals and Wildlife – Natural History - Heritage and History - Gardening – Painting and Decorating – House Restoration – Cooking and Catering – Research - Problem Solving - Community Interests – Networking - Writing and Speaking – Communication – Idea Development from Concept to Completion - Business Support and Development –The Government System.

Interests and Hobbies

Art and Design – Photography and Stone Carving – Rowing – Horse Riding – Walking and Cycling – I am a member of many groups and community organisations and donate my skills and knowledge to further their aims. In the past I have always been a keen cyclist and tandem rider and have undertaken “The Ring of Kerry Mountains” with a blind lady (as stoker) on the back.

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